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Went to the Haight yesterday and hung out in the cool bookstores, etc. Went to Loved To Death which is a trippy store with a lot of cool weird stuff like jewelry made out of teeth and bug wings and bone carvings and taxidermy and old phrenology posters and it looks like the Addams family's yard sale. There's actually a TV show about it now called San Francisco Oddities. It's on insta play on Netflix which was how I found it (the show, not the store. I've known about the store for a few years.) There are some restaurants there that i love so I wanted a last hurrah before the diet so I had breakfast at the Pork Store (yummy homemade biscuits!) and dinner at Cha Cha Cha (Cajun shrimp and rice and coconut flan) and a waffle cone at Ben and Jerry's. i only wish the Red Vic was still around. i loved that movie theater, it showed lots of cool old movies and i used to go there all the time. It has been raining since last night. We need it, but i hate waiting for buses in the rain. Most bus stops have no roof per se so you can't sit down unless you actually want to sit in a puddle of cold water.

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