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(A House Halloween fic)
Chapter 1

Nobody was in the conference room when I went in so I assumed everybody was either working or helping to set up for the Halloween party in the lobby area. I put the backpack containing my costume on one of the chairs and the large plastic container with my Heath bar cake in it on the table. I took the lid off and allowed myself a little burst of pride.
Chase and Wilson walked in and I couldn't help smiling. "The movie theme was a great idea, guys, those are fun costumes!"
Wilson adjusted his fake glasses. "Ligers are like my favorite animals," he replied in a fairly decent impression, then added in his own voice, "Where's your costume?"
"I just got off work and I thought I'd wait until later to change, especially since Greg and I aren't going to be around for the whole party; we've got somewhere else we need to be later. Chase, I like your Austin Powers costume but where's the gnarly teeth?"
"I didn't feel like wearing them."
I took a serrated-edged knife out of my backpack. "Well, this cake is just for a few of us, I didn't bake enough for the whole hospital party, would you guys like some?"
"I'll go get some plates and forks from where they're setting up for the party," Wilson replied, leaving the room.
Chase gave me the fishy eye. "Why are you being so polite to me all of the sudden?"
"There are two reasons for that. The first is, you know how some people put aside their differences around Xmas? I do it around Halloween."
"That doesn't make sense."
"I've seen you be nicer to people around Xmas, and religion is not based in logic at all. Anyway, the other reason is that I used to find you and Cameron incredibly irritating, but those new people are so mind-poppingly drab and awful, they've made me appreciate you a lot more."
"Erm, thanks, I think." Chase looked doubtful. "I used to wonder why House likes you but now I think I know."
Wilson walked back in with several paper plates and plastic forks. I smiled at him. "How big a piece do you want?"

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