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Had a fantastic time at the concert last night! It was several choruses, I'm always happy to hear my friends in the Oakland East Bay Gay men's chorus and they were awesome, but I also got to hear some of the guys in the San Francisco Gay men's chorus, the Oakland youth choir and the Asian Pacific gay men's chorus and they were all great too! The Asian guys did some Chinese and Filipino songs that had really pretty melodies; I'm always interested to hear songs from cultures where I'm not familiar with their musical traditions. There were translations of the lyrics in the programs but I accidentally left my program in my friend's car (doh!)
this was the first concert of theirs I've been to in a long time where i did not do any volunteer work. I offered but I was told they had enough volunteers. I was a little surprised to be told I was invited to the rap party anyway; a couple of the guys said I was family. awwwwwww

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