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very bad period today. I feel like shit.

Part 3

By this time I had passed around cake to Cuddy, Cameron, Foreman, Chase and Wilson (who had started making a second pot of coffee) and was wondering where the hell House was.
Wilson apparently figured out I was getting nervous because he started talking recipes with me to distract me; he knew I love to cook and we were going on at some length about Madagascar vs. Tahitian vanilla extract when we heard House's voice in the doorway:
"My god, I'm fucking two Martha Stewarts!"
"Don't get me started on that woman, House," I retorted, but probably anyone could tell from our facial expressions we're crazy about eachother.
"Hey, I sort of like Martha Stewart!" Wilson objected.
"You're bi, you're only allowed to half like her," House snapped, but I saw the exact same I-love-you look get exchanged between them. I handed House the knife and he served himself a chunk of cake that would have been considered a bit excessive by a pro wrestler. I finished off the rather small remaining piece.
"Hey, Wilson, you got chocolate on your Vote for Pedro shirt," Foreman commented, while House looked slightly nervously at his gun.
"Oh damn, Craig let me borrow this," grumbled Wilson.
"Who's Craig?" asked Cameron.
"One of my patients. Great seventeen-year-old kid, really brave."
"How's he doing?" asked House, causing several conversations to stop in their tracks.
"He's actually responding pretty well to treatment. I think he may go into remission."
"Since when are you interested?" Foreman said, eyeing House.
"Hey, I like that kid! He was fun!" House said, a little defensively.
Wilson rolled his eyes. "House, you took him to a strip joint!"
"He liked it! Anyway, those Make A Wish people were a bunch of Puritans!"
Wilson, trying to change the subject, turned to Cuddy. "You look great! Marilyn Monroe?"
"I'm supposed to be Marlene Dietrich!"
I'm a huge film geek so I had to jump in here. "You seem like you'd be more of a Dietrich fan, anyway, you have a lot of self-confidence like she did. Marilyn was very talented and sexy and charismatic but she was really sad and screwed up."
"That's very true," Cuddy replied, looking over at House significantly.
House looked more irritated than usual. "If you think I'm gonna stand in a draft over a grate wearing a kilt, you're out of your fucking mind." He looked back at me, his expression brightening. "My costume's in my office. I know you want to stick around for the party, I'm gonna go take care of some business for about an hour or two, then let's go change and go to...where we need to go to."
I smiled. "Sure."

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