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It's Mother's Day and I'm going to call my mom later. I love my parents but I have to laugh when people talk about parental love being unconditional. They have always criticized me a lot. They forced me to go on this diet or get my rent cut off and now that i have it's been the only time they ever said they were proud of me. There is no way in hell I could ever tell them that i was an atheist or that I was kind enough to take my roomie in when he didn't have anywhere else to go but they think I should forgive all the little shits who tormented me in school. They tell me I should get new clothes from losing weight but I asked them for money for belts because my pants are too big and they didn't want to give me any. They don't understand me at all. They're into very mainstream stuff and I'm very geekish. They wouldn't even get bronies so i don't talk about that stuff to them at all. They worship sports and nothing bores me more. I KNOW they would love me more if I were successful.

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