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Even more than before if that's possible!
I had such a terrific time at his concert last night! He just kept going and going for 2 and a half hours with no intermission! So much love between him and the audience, and him and the band. (I didn't get to meet him because I had to get on the last bus or be stranded by Bart so I just gave the rose I bought to some confused looking roadie and asked him to give it to Hugh.)
I'd never been to a show at the Fillmore before and it was a trippy atmosphere, like some amazing dream. I had a fantastic seat close to the front so i got an excellent view of him, and I'm sure he could see me. Everyone was just roaring and clapping and dancing, and he and the Copper Bottom Band put on such a great show for us, so many great songs! Hugh is in wonderful shape too, he's a great dancer as well as a talented musician and singer and he was very cute and funny with his in-between song patter as well.

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