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Yay! I've lost 56 pounds altogether on this diet!
I've also found that I get a lot of pleasure if I get invited over to a friend's house and bring them something that i don't personally want if I know they will enjoy it, for example I'm not fond of cherries or berries but I'm bringing a pie full of them over to a friend's today, also I bought roomie a bigass carton of mint chocolate chip ice cream, a flavor I don't care for but I'm happy to have him enjoy it. :) To my mind, it's just good manners to bring some food if someone is generous enough to invite you to their party, why not bring food that they'll like but I won't be tempted to break my diet over?
Also happy because I will be buying season 6 of Trailer Park Boys on DVD online later today. And of course still buzzed over getting to see Hugh live. He's amazing.
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