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Imps Part 4

A couple of hours later, Chase had left the conference room to go join the Halloween party. He went over to one of the tables where the food was set up, got a piece of pizza and started to circulate. After a few conversations with some of his friends, he passed by a small table and heard "Hi, cutie!"
"Hello." Chase was actually very used to gay guys flirting with him, if the guy wasn't too pushy or creepy he usually was just polite without being too friendly, didn't want to be misinterpreted as encouraging the guy. A very amiable looking, short, rather chunky black guy smiled at him from the other side of the table.
"Happy Halloween! Want a free tarot card reading?"
Chase looked around hastily to make sure House wasn't anywhere nearby. Chase did sort of half-believe in tarot but he knew perfectly well House would show him no mercy if he knew this; however, the coast appeared to be clear.
"Yeah, all right." Chase sat down in a folding chair on the opposite side of the table.
"I think I'm gonna give you the 'Star' reading. It's short but to the point." He handed Chase the deck, Chase shuffled it and gave it back to him and he dealt out five cards in a formation like the points of a star, and turned over the first one. "This is what you see."
It was the king of wands.
"This is an authority figure in your life, he's very smart, good at thinking out of the box, but he's quite harsh and not easily impressed."
Chase wouldn't have been startled by this if House had not walked by at THAT EXACT MOMENT.

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