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Meme gotten from my sweetie hughville:

1. In which country/state/province were you born? Japan

2. In which country/state/province do you currently reside? California

3. What are your parents' names (first names only please)? Judgey and Iworshipsuccess. Oops, I mean Tom and Susan.

4. Are your parents still living? If yes, what are their ages? they were born in '37 and '39.

5. How often do you see them? not that often

6. Do you have any siblings? yes, one sister

7. What are their names (again firsties only)? Joan

8. What are their ages? 49

9. When did you/will you graduate from High School? April 1980

10. Did you/are you go(ing) to college/university? yes

11. Which college or university did you/are you attend(ing)? University of Redlands

12. When did you/will you graduate from college or university? I quit because it licked elephant ass.

13. What was/is your major? English

14. Do you have/will you have a post graduate degree? no

15. If yes, what is/was your major?

16. What is your sexual preference? men

17. Do you support same gender marriage? Why or why not? (NO JUDGING! Sit down and behave.) Yes, I do. Marriage is about the love and devotion between two people regardless of gender. (copied hughville's answer because i totally agree with it.)

18. Can you have children? no, thank Darwin, I had a hysterectomy and years before that i had my tubes tied.

19. If you are able, do you want children? hell no

20. Do you want to get married/are you married (or engaged)? I'd like to get married to the right guy but I'd also like to be a millionaire and have the ability to fly and time travel, which are about as likely.

21. Do you work outside your home? no

22. What job do you/did you perform? I failed at every job I ever had.

23. Do you like it? I don't particularly like being on disability, you make less than minimum wage and, in American culture, you are your job.

24. What is your dream job? Writer

25. Which do you think is necessary for happiness: love or money or both? Both.

26. Are you happy? usually.

27. On what do you spend most of your money? not sure.

28. What is your favorite indulgence? music

29. Who/What brings the most joy into your life? my friends, music, all other arts, nature

30. If you could change something from your past, what would you change? I wouldn't have gotten involved with my mean abusive ex.

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