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Yesterday was insane. it started out nice though. I hung out at Peet's with roomie and his boyfriend and we had a great conversation over tea (me and roomie) and mocha frappe (his boyfriend) and banana bread (roomie) and I bought his boyfriend some red vines and we played games and then they went to the movies while I went to this cool bookstore and read a great book by John Waters. Then it all went fucking pear shaped as roomie likes to say. We went to one of many cheap Chinese places in that neighborhood but roomie said his food was terrible and the Chinese guy acted like a dick to me because I didn't order anything because I was on a diet. I SAID I was on a diet but he either didn't understand or didn't care. Then he tacks his tip onto the bill. (Interestingly enough, if the service had been good I would have given him a bigger tip than the one he demanded.) Then, because I can't very well bring my blender out to restaurants with me, i was fucking starving because i was out later than I expected. (The diet says I can only have the bars twice a day. They're the only things in the diet that are really portable.) Then it took me two hours to get home because I had to walk part of the way because the buses were fucked, one bus was really slow and there were giant lines at Safeway because it was really crowded and only two people were working the cash registers.
Bizarrely enough, roomies boyfriend's fortune cookie said "Keep your negative comments to yourself." This is something my parents have said to me CONSTANTLY. Verbatim. They're always slagging people off, though. Either me or somebody else.

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