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Imps Part 5

House wasn't paying attention to Chase at all; he was too involved in the conversation he was having with that weird woman who does the volunteer work with the AIDS patients and brought in that cake as they were leaving the party and headed towards the parking lot. Chase realized he did not have to have a brilliant deductive mind to know where they were headed seeing as it was Halloween and they were dressed like Riff Raff and Columbia.
"House is going to 'Rocky Horror'?" Chase thought. "He does not seem like the type at all." He turned back to the tarot card reader, looking a little embarrassed. "Sorry about that, I got a bit distracted," he said out loud.
"That's OK." The reader smiled briefly and turned over another card. "This is what you don't see. The nine of cups. In this context that card means happiness and satisfaction, but you don't see it, which means either you're not happy, or somebody else you know is happy and you're not aware of it. The next card is what you can change. Temperance. The temperance card means healing, which makes sense, 'cause you work in a hospital."
"Sure, I'm a doctor." Chase shrugged, trying to look nonchalant, but this reading was getting strange.
"This next card is what you can't change. Um, the devil reversed. If the devil card is right side up, it's usually more favorable, the devil says, 'chill', the situation is not as bad as it looks. Since the devil is reversed here it means the opposite, a situation that's worse than it looks." Chase was getting kind of uncomfortable with this as the last card was turned over. "This card is what to expect, the hanged man. Sacrifice. You or someone you know is going to have to sacrifice something that is going to directly affect you."
Chase decided to go out for a drink, leaving the party. As he drove to the bar, he wondered if he was happy.

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