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"Meaning" was on the other night, one of the more badly written House eps IMHO.  I think it's completely OOC that House doesn't seem to care that the guy who shot him got away. You'd think he'd be up in arms and screaming his head off about it. And then it was never referred to on the show again, we never found out the creep's motives or anything. (WTF? Spellcheck just reacted badly to the word "creep"! Why?) i was so irritated by this the first time I saw that episode I wrote a really complicated fic involving Cameron and Foreman describing the guy in detail to the cops, him hiding out in Kansas for months, killing three other people, him having shot House in the first place because he was a religious fanatic right to lifer, and a whole subplot involving his ex wife in California who had divorced him because he got abusive after he got involved in a cult, then the son of a bitch went to prison in Nevada, not for shooting House but for two of the three people whom he killed.
      On a completely unrelated side note, I had a great time last night with some friends, most of whom I hadn't seen in months. We had champagne and my homemade fudge brownies at my place then went out to dinner. I'm really lucky. i have some of the nicest friends on the planet. We had so much fun last night.
      I'm going to enter a House fanfic that I wrote here, not the manhunt one I described above but a different one. it's kind of long so I'm going to break it up into chapters. Hope you like it (at least enough to not MST it, heh).
       A/N: this is a self-insertion, NOT a Mary Sue. I didn't idealize myself in any way whatsoever.
         I'm not at all happy about this. First, several years ago, I had this massive abdominal pain that lasted for months because it went undiagnosed. It turned out to be a tumor of some sort on my ovary that had grown to the size of a damn cantaloupe so I had to have the whole ovary out. Lucky for me it wasn't cancer. I wasn't using my ovaries anyway; kids usually get on my nerves.
         That was back several years ago as I said. Easy to pinpoint: Hurricane Katrina was all over the news and you know how it is in the hospital, you watch too much TV.
          Now, I was visiting my cousins in Princeton and I get a horrendous pain, and they have to take me to the hospital there, and now I was in the ER waiting to be called in. Two of my cousins had driven me over; Peter was parking the car and Chris had been sitting with me, helping with the paperwork and actually getting me to relax a little. Good old Chris, he could probably get a Christopher Walken movie character to relax. Unfortunately, he had to go to the bathroom and my relaxation was about to be shattered.
           I heard a really nasty laugh.
           "Oh my god, look!"
           A couple I had never seen before walked up to me and started taking my picture with their damn cell phone.
           "What the hell do you think you're doing?! I'm not here to be gawked at by you people like I was some kind of freak! This is a damn hospital!"
           "Yeah, and you belong in the plastic surgery department!" the woman retorted.
           i couldn't think of any better comeback to this than something of the  "At least I don't look like a hooker" sort, but this sounded very lame and if she actually was a hooker it would be rather pointless.
           "Look, I'm in too much pain to be terribly witty right now so GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE YOU BIGOTED PIECES OF ELEPHANT SHIT!!!"
           Seemingly out of nowhere, a tall, lanky man limped up unusually quickly, grabbed the cell phone and hurled it into a nearby water fountain.
           "Ooops," he deadpanned.
           I stared into an angular, expressive face and smiled. He gave a small grin back, winked at me, and left.

           A/N: I have seen people actually use their cell phones to harass people about their appearance like this and have been the victim of it a couple of times.

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