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Imps Chapter 9

(a/n this chapter takes place several hours earlier than Chapter 7, as the main House characters have recently left the conference room but shortly after Chase got the tarot reading at the Halloween party. The missing chapter dealt with Cuddy getting a reading at that same party, which she didn't take seriously but it seemed to be coming true, but I had to edit it out because what happened in it clashed too much with canon in the most recent ep.)

Wilson took a large bite out of the candy bar and tried to cover his nervousness. He had originally approached the tarot card reader because he thought it'd be a laugh but this was starting to get strange.
"The knight of cups reversed is an emotional man, but he's been badly hurt and he may have a hard time committing to a relationship, he may be a bit of a player. He has very strong feelings for the king of wands, here. The two of cups, reversed, here means the king of wands feels love but he doesn't want to show it, the strength card, also reversed means he does not show love often because he does not want to appear weak or vulnerable in any way." He turned another card over. "The princess of swords is a woman who is enthusiastic and quick to learn, but she doesn't have the authority and responsibility of the queen of swords, in fact she may be very flaky. Both she and the knight are very interested in the attentions of the king, but here's the two of swords, the peace card, next to her, she wants to be his friend, not his rival. And this card, the six of cups, means friendship. Finally, the world card is reversed. The world card means everything, but reversed, in this context, it seems to mean none of these people should expect to be everything to the others."

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