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Had a really disturbing nightmare involving Hugh. You know those dreams where you find yourself doing stuff you would never, ever, in a million years actually do? I dreamed I broke into his house and was snooping around. His house in the dream was kind of unusual, it had four or five floors and his bedroom was on the very top floor. I thought he wasn't home, but apparently he was, he was asleep but instead of getting the hell out of there which is what I should have done, I stood around ogling him in his sleep for a while. Then I snuck out of the house, I was very quiet and careful not to mess anything up but as I was walking out the door I tried to lock it behind me and the lock wouldn't work. As I was trying to work the lock the doorknob fell off. It was a big doorknob and it fell on a wood floor and made a really loud noise and woke Hugh up, and instead of running away I frantically tried to fix the door. And he came down. He looked really shocked for a second or two and then went kind of poker faced and I go, "Oh, hi, your doorknob was busted and I was just trying to fix it for you!" while I was thinking "Oh, shit, how mad is he? What is he gonna do?"
He goes, "Get back in here!" so I walk past him back into the house and as I walk past him I notice he smelled very strongly of weed although he didn't look or act like he was high. Then I woke up.

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