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My kidney stones are acting up again, i thought I passed them but I didn't. I'm supposed to get a cat scan in several days.
Had a great time at the Solano St. fair last Sunday.
Lost another 3 pounds.
Had a really weird Beatles dream last night. it was the mid 60s and I was hanging out with the Beatles and a bunch of other people in Spain and they were passing around and eating this weird sweet sticky stuff they were apparently getting high off of. Paul said he had invented a new musical instrument consisting of him blowing through a long tube and these balls came flying out the other end and hit these things that looked sort of like chimes or piano keys and played notes. he didn't know what to call it and John said he should call it a "ball McCartney". Then everything started looking very cartoony and Yellow Submarine-like to me so i assumed I was tripping from having eaten the sweet stuff. Ringo started floating around on this balloon looking thing and talking about liking how warm the Spanish weather was and bitching about cold English winters and he said "I hate fucking snow" and I go "then don't fuck snow, your dick'll get cold" which John thought was hilarious.

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    Had a great time with J yesterday. :)

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