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Had a weird time yesterday. I tried to play one of the discs in my new Rush box set and it wouldn't play so I thought it was defective and I still had the receipt so i called the Rasputin's in SF that I bought it from and the guy who worked there said he didn't have another copy so i called up the Berkeley branch (I sure as hell didn't want to try to go to Stockton or Campbell or someplace that far away with no car) and the guy, Tom, who I talked to on the phone said he had a copy and I could come down and get an exchange. So I went down there and it turns out it wouldn't play in my CD player because it was a DVD. Boy did I feel like a dork. Tom was very nice and even got me an ice cream cone. turns out he was also a big Rush fan and a Trailer Park Boys fan so i told him about the TPB live show in two months which he didn't know about so he was pretty excited and I was all, "I got my ticket at the Paramount, you should get one too".
Also, dinner at Pacific Cafe was yummers. I had crab bisque and grilled salmon and baked shrimp and Chablis. That place is so cool. It's very cozy and friendly, lots of dark wood. You sort of expect hobbits to bring you your food.

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