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Iatroeco-oxyglossophilia   Chapter 2 (warning: some swearing and violent scene swiped from Kill Bill)
           House, Cameron, Chase, Foreman and Cuddy were walking down the hall when they were pulled up short by a dead body of an intern whose head had been smashed in by the door to the room where a comatose female patient was.
           "What the hell?!"
           Harrison, the head of hospital security, ran up. "This son of a bitch was apparently raping a comatose Jane Doe when she snapped out of her coma and made it clear she didn't like what he was doing. She bolted. We're looking for her but we're not having much luck."
           Cameron gasped and walked away.
           Chase clapped his hand over his mouth, turned pale and ran into a nearby men's room.
           Cuddy snapped, "Harrison, get two of your guys and cordon off this area. Make sure nobody else gets in here, especially not patients or visitors. Come with me to my office and bring somebody from personnel. We need to set up safety measures to make sure nothing like this happens again."
           "Yes, ma'am, " Harrison replied.
           Foreman said, "Oh, shit," quietly and continued doing his rounds.
           House glanced up and down the hall, looked down at the body and said, "You were a cruel bastard." He leaned forward on his cane. "I'm glad you're dead!!"

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