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here's a meme I got from my sweetie hughville:

A - Available? For what?
B - Birthday? February 1, 10 days from now
C - Crushing on? Hugh Laurie
D - Drink you last had? Spice tea
E - Easiest person to talk to? depends on what I'm talking about
F - Favourite song? too many I love to just pick one
G - Grade I hated? all of them. I loathed school in general.
H - Hometown? Oakland
I - Ice cream flavour? Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk
J - Jellybean flavour? jelly belly honey graham cracker
K - Killed someone? No, but if I did I wouldn't admit it
L - Longest friendship? my roomie. 19 years now.
M - Milkshake flavour? Well, I'm not supposed to drink them but I do love chocolate (hence my name). i also like coconut, butterscotch, pumpkin and eggnog.
N - Number of siblings? 1
O - One wish? World peace
P - Person who called me last? my dad
Q - Question I'm always asked?
R - Reason to smile? my friends
S - Song I last sang? Liberty bell march
T - Time I woke up? about 8 ish
U - Umbrella colour? Bright pink with multi color lights
V - Very best friend? roomie and hughville
W - Which celebrity I’d marry? Hugh Laurie!!!
X - X rays I've had? dental mostly
Y - Your last time crying? too long ago for me to remember
Z - Zodiac sign? I'll say my Chinese one. Tiger.

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    J cancelled on me.

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    Been watching lots of Father Ted, that show is so funny! FECK!

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    It was locked again and then it was unlocked again. My mail wasn't missing so I think the mail people are just fuckups.

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