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Here's two memes for the price of one:

Day 3--Eight things that annoy you.

1. Being called Kathy. my name is Katie and it is not a weird or hard to remember name.
2. Rude people.
3. When people don't do what they say they're going to.
4. Cleaning.
5. Crappy pop music.
6. Ads.
7. John Leguizamo.
8. Deep Space nine.

and here's a letter meme I got from my sweetie hughville. Comment if you want me to give you a letter. She gave me H.

Something I hate: ham
Something I love: Hugh Laurie and honey
Somewhere I've been: Hawaii
Somewhere I'd like to go: Halifax
Someone I know: Holly, a friend of mine from when i was in high school
A movie I like: Heavenly Creatures

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