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I saw Kumiko the Treasure Hunter last night with a good friend. What an awesome movie! I loved it!
Had a really trippy dream last night where reality had been screwed with in some way so all fictional characters suddenly actually existed. I walked right by the Tom Baker and David Tennant Doctors and Spock trying to figure out how and why this had happened, one of the dragons from MLP hanging out with Charlie Brown, the Batmobile drove right by me, Harry Potter and Mary Poppins flew right over my head and Ricky from Trailer Park Boys asked me if I wanted any weed (after Spock shooed him away) and I was all "Not now, Ricky, this is weird enough sober" which he didn't understand at all so he asked me if I'd seen Julian and Bubbles and was I sure I didn't want any "Cause this is fuckin good dope" and I go "No I haven't seen them and I'm not in the fucking mood to get high right now but if you see a guy named House I wanna see him. I'll help you find Julian and Bubs if you help me find this House guy." There were a LOT of other weird characters walking around some of which I did NOT recognize at all. Also, Ricky didn't bat an eye about the fact that I knew who he was.

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