chocolate_frapp (chocolate_frapp) wrote,

oh, I almost forgot. I had a really weird dream in which I was a volunteer worker at PPTH and the PotW was paralyzed and needed to have a sperm sample collected and since he couldn't do it himself guess who talked me into doing it? The PotW was very nasty to me and i finally lost my temper and said, "Look, shut up, the only reason I can even do this is by pretending you're somebody else!!" Then when I brought House the jar with the sample in it I really couldn't say anything to him about it because he was in the middle of a conference but when I saw him later walking down the hall while I was sitting in another office (glass walls) I jumped up and waved and smiled at him but all I got out of him was an eyebug and "go sit down!". my response: "that's cold even for you, House, I only pulled that little turd head's pudding because you wanted me to"
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