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01 Describe your comfort zone—a typical you-fic.
Anything funny and airing up House and Wilson. I love writing those two.

02 Is there a trope you've yet to try your hand at but really want to?
Weird fantasy sequences (other than the musical stuff in "Infarction-tastic!"
03 Is there a trope you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole?
Lots of them but I'll say mpreg. Eurgh.
04 How many fic ideas are you nurturing right now? Care to share one of them?
I want to keep writing my House Archer crossover. I'd like to throw in something with those two bonding in some weird way over being obnoxious guys with awful parents.

05 Share one of your strengths.
I think I write House really IC

06 Share one of your weaknesses.
I never really am sure whether to put in a lot of detail.

07 Share a snippet from one of your favorite pieces of prose you've written and explain why you're proud of it.
this is longer than a snippet but I really like chapter 8 of "I Want to Ride It All Night Long" because it's sexy and sensual.

08 Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you've written and explain why you're proud of it.
(from the first chapter of "In My Life")
It was a snowy Monday night in mid-December in Chicago and Alison Cameron had just settled down in her living room with her two best friends from Northwestern Memorial, Qabir and Patrick, when an insistent rapping sounded on her door.

She walked down to the other end of the hallway, looked out the peekhole in the door and turned pale and her knees felt like Jello for a second. With a mixture of shock, relief and anger she yanked the door open to see House.

"What the hell?! I thought you died in that fire!"

"MUAHAHAHAHAHA!" House gave a mad scientist laugh.

"Half of me wants to hug you and the other half wants to kick you right in the balls right now, I hope you realize that! What are you doing here?"

"I got bored. I thought I'd come scare you--I mean see you!" House grinned.

"How's Wilson? Did his cancer get worse or is he OK?"

"He's a lot better than OK, he went into complete remission and he went back to work a couple of months ago, thanks to the care of a brilliant and ruggedly handsome doctor. We're living together in San Francisco now."

"That's such great news! Hey, why isn't he with you?"

"He's visiting his parents for the holidays and Peter and Helen Wilson aren't too crazy about me, so I didn't join them. It's not just a personality clash, they're none too keen on the fact that their little Jimmy likes boys as well as girls so I decided to make myself scarce for a while, and like I said, I got bored."

"Only you would travel 2000 miles because you got bored."
I like this because it's in character for both of them and I think it's entertaining to read. I can hear them in my head.
09 Which fic has been the hardest to write?
I never did finish my House Blackadder crossover. I always regretted that.

10 Which fic has been the easiest to write?
"Slippery Fingers", my Jeeves and Bertie Wooster entry in MMOM. It practically wrote itself.

11 Is writing your passion or just a fun hobby?
I change my mind about that a lot.

12 Is there an episode above all others that inspires you just a little bit more?
Not really.

13 What's the best writing advice you've ever come across?
"Write what you know." I know everybody says that but it's true.

14 What's the worst writing advice you've ever come across?
People who said I shouldn't be writing fanfic.

15 If you could choose one of your fics to be filmed, which would you choose?
"Enter, Backstage" as a documentary, haha

16 If you only could write one pairing for the rest of your life, which pairing would it be?

17 Do you write your story from start to finish, or do you write the scenes out of order?
I sometimes write them out of order in my head but when I actually write them down, they're in order.

18 Do you use any tools, like worksheets or outlines?
I take handwritten notes occasionally

19 Stephen King once said that his muse is a man who lives in the basement. Do you have a muse?
Hugh count?

20 Describe your perfect writing conditions.
Relaxed, alert, maybe some music I like playing and knowing roomie won't wake up and make me stop.

21 How many times do you usually revise your fic/chapter before posting?

22 Choose a passage from one of your earlier fics and edit it into your current writing style.
In the Mr. Blue Sky sequence in "Infarction-tastci" I would have Wilson and the patient doing the Napoleon Dynamite dance.

23 If you were to revise one of your older fics from start to finish, which would it be and why?
I wouldn't.

24 Have you ever deleted one of your published fics?
Not a whole one. I deleted the Rocky Horror sequence in "I Want To Ride it All Night long" and the chapter dealing with Cuddy adopting a baby girl from China in "Imps".

25 What do you look for in a beta?
I haven't used one.

26 Do you beta yourself? If so, what kind of beta are you?
I never thought I'd be grateful for my parents' CONSTANT correcting my grammar as a kid....

27 How do you feel about collaborations?
Some of the ones I've read are very good. I've never done it myself.

28 Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much.
I can't pick just three, there are too many I like. It'd be like picking three favorite Beatle songs.

29 If you could write the sequel (or prequel) to any fic out there not written by yourself, which would you choose?
not sure

30 Do you accept prompts?
I have.

31 Do you take liberties with canon or are you very strict about your fic being canon compliant?
I sometimes take liberties. Some of my fics are definite reactions to things in canon that pissed me off, for example, I put Wilson's brother in jail in "Incarceration" because it annoys me that they did this whole thing on the show where they talk about him having a schizophrenic brother but then he never shows up on the show. I thought that was bad writing and a wasted opportunity.

32 How do you feel about smut?
Love it when it's well-written. I think I do a good job with it myself.

33 How do you feel about crack?
See #32

34 What are your thoughts on non-con and dub-con?
I have a hard time reading it.

35 Would you ever kill off a canon character?

36 Which is your favorite site to post fic?
this one

37 Talk about your current wips.
See #4

38 Talk about a review that made your day.
Hughville always has such lovely things to say about my work. I love that she says I write the only slash she'll read.

39 Do you ever get rude reviews and how do you deal with them?
I haven't gotten one in a long time. The last one i got was for "Infarction-tastic!' because the person (whom I will not name here) didn't really see the point of me writing a House musical in the first place. If Buffy, Daria and Xena can have musicals so can House!

40 Write an alternative summary.

"It's Room Service"
Original summary: the ending "Out Of The Chute" should have had.
New summary: Wilson is liable to do things he otherwise wouldn't when he's upset enough.

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