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did not get enough sleep last night and there's an asshole w/ a leaf blower RIGHT UNDER MY WINDOW. Here's a House fic inspired by a place I stayed at in Mexico last year and a plot bunny unused by the lovely queenzulu.


This place in Mexico has its own private beach?

If there's nobody else around here to bother me, I might actually be able to relax.

I can't let Cuddy know I actually enjoy it here or she'll have the upper hand in having made me go on vacation in the first place; when I get back I'll have to lie my ass off and tell her I hated it.

I'll go check out that beach, nice night for it.

It's really pretty here. The water looks inviting.

Damn, I left my trunks back in the beach house.

Although, if this is a private beach....

Shit, I don't believe this, I'm far more worried about anyone seeing me having to hop down into the water without my cane than I am about anybody seeing me naked!

What the hell.


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