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Had a nice time with my parents, they took me out for a couple of beers at Cato's (cool pub down the street from me) and had a good conversation, then they drove me to the Bart station and I went into SF for the godless perverts meeting. Of course I didn't tell them that's what I was doing, I just said I was "going to meet some friends" when my parents said they had to drive up to stupid Mendocino for their business meeting so there really wasn't time for us to have dinner together. Oh, and my mom really liked the earrings I got her.
A little bit of a feminist atheist deconstruction of a fairy tale: Cinderella must be popular with bible thumpers. She passively accepted a lot of abuse at home and waited for a supernatural being to solve all her problems for her instead of doing it for herself. Oh, and she married a guy she hardly knew.

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    My parents were talking yesterday about having me come visit them next month which I would love to do as long as they don't give me a hard time about…

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    I have to go get more groceries today including tp. I hope the hoarders haven't started up again.

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    Not much going on here, I'd rather not haul around groceries with a bad leg but at least it's getting better, the PT seems to be working.

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