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There are two things I read today that pissed me off.
Another review of Tomorrowland that doesn't even mention Hugh being in the flipping thing. He's probably going to wind up getting less to do than a Black ghostbuster.
Some stupid fucking magazine in my friend's doctor's waiting room said one page alone (and keep in mind this isn't even a fashion magazine, they'd say something worse) that I'm supposed to have the following, NONE of which I actually have:

toned arms (I've lost a lot of weight but that's not good enough for them)
"great gams" (GAMS?! the fuck is this, World War 2??)
a tiny waist (135 lbs. off but my waist won't ever be tiny)

I do have large boobs but according to them that's supposed to be a liability now. what the fuck is with these people who write this bullshit?

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