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Took a very long walk over the hills and around the lake yesterday. I went to Trader Joe's, tired, somewhat dehydrated and very hungry and some completely senile old fucks were waving their arms around and damn near hit me in the head when I was trying to get at the carts. I said "excuse me" but they completely ignored me and then blocked my path walking at a snail's pace while I was going "excuse me, excuse me" again and they still ignored me. Then I had to deal with some other old guy starting to ask me some questions about I don't know what and after I got out of there with my salad (yummy) some bible thumper started pestering me so I just walked away. Thank fuck for Peet's and Room 389, I could just sit down and have a tea or a beer in places like that and either be left alone with my music or have an intelligent, interesting conversation. Nice day though. Beautiful weather.

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