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Saw Peter's Friends again last night. That is such a good movie and Hugh is so terrific in it! So is Stephen and everybody else.
There was a time when I never thought I'd be saying this but I think I may be overdoing it on the exercise. My legs really hurt. I got very little sleep last night because they hurt so much, I woke up way too early and had to go take painkillers and I was staggering. I'm supposed to swim laps today but I can't anyway because it's raining. What little sleep I did get I had a strange House dream where I was a doctor and kind of his favorite but he wouldn't let me take a blood sample from him and insisted on having Cameron do it (Hughville, you'd probably like that! :) ) and he kept calling me these really weird nicknames like my little Quercyan apple cake, etc.

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    Still pretty mad about the mailboxes. I'm going to a Japanese jazz club tonight, I'm really looking forward to it. :)

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    Having some caramel vanilla tea. The New Yorker did not do their research again. Val Kilmer played a character who was very obviously a caricature of…

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    Somebody banned me and I don't have the slightest idea why. I didn't even have an argument with this person.

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