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here's a meme I got from my sweetie hughville (which brought up some shitty memories, but I'm not mad at her at all, there's no way she could have known) comment if you want me to give you an age and please tell me how old you are so I don't give you one you haven't reached yet. She gave me 21.

I was 21 in 1983.

I lived in:
Lafayette, California, a suburb of San Francisco/Oakland

I drove:
I didn't have a license at the time.

I was in a relationship with:
my ex who I have talked about before. This was before he turned really mean and was still putting on a good act (very early in the relationship, but there were some red flags at the time which I should have taken more seriously. I was kind of desperate at that age.)

I feared:
losing him. also something described below.

I worked at:
Several different jobs that year including file clerk/phone receptionist, produce store, pet store and Taco Bell. Taco Beelzebub was the worst one, especially since I had to work with this horrid bitch named Lisa Greshler or Kressner or some fucking thing who broke all the rules and got away with it. I think she was screwing the boss and she constantly insulted me and fucked with me about my depression over John Lennon's having been murdered. I was terrified I'd snap and really fucking hurt her and go to jail.

I wanted to be:
something creative, a writer or artist or actress.

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