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Just got back from a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner! Yummy yummy yummy!
A few random thoughts:
Much to my surprise, CVS was open today. I was going to get a heating pad for this damn abscess on my back but i couldn't find any.
Had four cups of pu-erh this morning and am still bouncing off the walls a bit. Gave me enough energy to walk around the lake A LOT before dinner.
I saw some guys riding unicycles down the street on the way to the restaurant.
I left home for the restaurant early partly because roomie was in a bad mood so I wanted to be out of the way but also partly because something in my gut was telling me to leave early. Well, while walking around the lake I found a credit card that someone had dropped. Since I am an honest person I am going to turn it in to the bank tomorrow. Not that I believe in anything supernatural but I think that definitely happened for a reason.
I am playing the song listed because it's one of the most earwormy-but-not-sucky songs I know in order to get those awful Lady Caca/Katy Perry type crap songs from the most recent pony ep out of my brain.

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