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All I needed at the dentist's was a cleaning but the bus trip on the way home sucked because I didn't have enough money on my clipper card so I had to ask people for change and one woman was all "why don't you buy something" so I had to tell her I couldn't do that because I was down to my last five dollar bill. God, that was humiliating. (also, the only token purchase you can really do with that is buy a candy bar and I am not supposed to eat candy because I'm on a diet but I sure wasn't going to volunteer that information.) Also, this damn thing on my back is really driving me batshit. I have to go to the doctor later today. Thank fuck the pills they gave me to go with the antibiotics seem to actually work because the last fucking thing I need is a yeast infection. And I found a roach. I FUCKING HATE ROACHES!
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