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I didn't write as many fics as I would have liked this year and there were some I did not post because they weren't good enough or too self-indulgent or incomplete but here goes:

Most under-appreciated: "Infarction-tastic! the House musical" I worked really hard on this and I really liked it a lot but very few people even read it and some people hated it.

Most fun: I had fun writing almost all my fics but I think it's a tie between "Iggy Pop Go The Zombies" (House cast in Shaun of the Dead, essentially) and "Slippery Fingers" (my Jeeves and Wooster entry for MMOM)

Sexiest: "I Know This Much Is True", aka the House orgy!fic. Runner-up: "Impulse" (Greggy and Jimmy get into the med pot and are naughty boys. Pure slash.)

Single sexiest moment: from "I Know This Much Is True"..."Wilson's breath became ragged and he sank to his knees in slow motion as House placed light delicate little kisses on his shoulders and back. 'Beautiful,' House whispered, easing his long uncut cock gradually, gently into Wilson, who shivered and moaned with pleasure, arching his back so House could go deep."

Holy crap, that's wrong even for you moment: comments made by House and Wilson at the end of the "Think For Yourself" sequence in "Infarction-tastic!"
Wilson: What exactly are we arguing about here?
House: Got me. We always have to have one scene per episode where you lecture me and get really passive-aggressive and I act like even more of a smartass than usual while half the audience wants us to get into a fistfight and the other half wants us to go at it like bunny rabbits on Viagra and Hugh and Robbie fuck around with subtext and drive the right wing types who run Fox completely crazy.
Wilson: Wanna go get a pizza or something?
House: Sure!

Fic that shifted my own perception of the characters: "Impunity". Easily the angstiest thing in the lot.

Biggest disappointment: "Imps". My House Halloween fic. It doesn't suck, but it could have been a lot better.

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