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I lost another pound. Yay! The weight loss class was so boring I just started drawing the Beatles riding the ponies but I don't have a pale enough pink to draw Pinkie. I've already got her smoking a huge blunt while John Lennon's riding her. I'm calling it Anti Apocalypse because they're representing Peace, Abundance, Health and Life, as opposed to War, Famine, Pestilence and Death. Paul is riding Rainbow Dash because his band was Wings, George is riding Rarity because her element is generosity and George gave to charities and because the ancient Greeks believed unicorns were from India (given George's interest in Indian culture) and Ringo's riding Applejack because "Ringo" means apple in Japanese and because Ringo seems to have been the biggest country music fan of the Beatles (I've got him wearing a cowboy type outfit and trying on her hat in the drawing). Can't post it here because I'm just drawing it on paper with pencils and pens and don't have the equipment to put it online.
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