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Here's my fanfic list for the past year. I wish it could be as long as they used to be. Ice Cream You Scream. Written to photo prompt of three milkshakes and cross posted to sick!Wilson. Wilson has laryngitis and House does something about it. Identity Crisis. Chapter 1. House/Archer crossover. Somewhat cracky but I don't think you can possibly cross those two over and have it not be cracky. Chapter 2. More insanity and Wilson gets high. Chapter 3. Some guest stars.

and here's a link to the first year's worth of my fics:

and here's a link to the second:

and here's a link to the third:

and the fourth:

and the fifth:

and the sixth:

and the seventh:

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    Spent most of today watching MST3K and CSI New York and listening to music and reading.

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    I tried out a streaming service last night that didn't work at all well, I watched one show on it that cut out at the last fifteen minutes or so and…

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    Just finished watching Mulholland Drive. David Lynch is so weird.

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