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Walked over to Trader Joe's to get groceries (mostly veggies) and it was such a gorgeous warm day out that I deliberately took a long route not only to get more exercise but also for pure enjoyment. I went up this one path up the hill behind the Oakland rose garden and there was this little area off to the side where I could hear (but not see) someone playing a harmonica really beautifully and there were a whole bunch of dafodills and a few lilies. Just a really nice moment.

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    Got a whole bunch of groceries at Trader Joe's this morning and amazingly enough there was no line either!

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    I'm feeling testy right now because I'm super tired, I got only about 2 hours sleep last night but at least I got everything done today that I had to…

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    Had a couple of glasses of Apothic Dark and watched Jackie Brown, so I had some vino and Tarantino! :)

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