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Yesterday I went Hugh hunting. I had gotten information that Chance was going to be filming on Union Square but that turned out to be mistaken. I saw two cops there and guessed that they might know something about where there was any filming going on so I pretended to have something to do with the production "my boss is in Italy and won't answer his cell phone!" (before this I've NEVER lied to cops in my life!) and they told me there was some filming going on in Washington Square park so I went through the tunnel and Chinatown. Hugh was not in the park, he was doing a scene in a cafe across the street from the park. He was right next to the window. I stood less than ten feet from him. His eyes really are that blue. I splooged. I don't think he saw me at all. I was asked to get out of the shot and was I working there. I said no, I'm just a fan, I'm a nice fan. not a stalker. I stood very quietly through the whole scene. The huge Black guy who seemed to be working both sound and security was very nice and polite but he told me Hugh really couldn't talk to me "when he's not filming we're either taking him around to different places or he's thinking about the scene he's in" (Hugh's a real pro!) and he actually apologized to me about this. He sounded like he really regretted it, not just saying "I'm sorry" in that really insincere way people in that situation do when they're trying to get the other person to leave without raising a stink. I was all "OK, I understand, you got a job to do." and I left.

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