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here's a list I saw on srsly_yes's LJ which I thought would make an interesting meme so I will do one a day (someone has to start these!)

Day 1: A book published this year.
Day 2: A book you can finish in a day.
Day 3: A book you've been meaning to read.
Day 4: A book recommended by your local librarian or bookseller.
Day 5: A book you should have read in school.
Day 6: A book chosen for you by your spouse, partner, sibling, child, or BFF.
Day 7: A book published before you were born.
Day 8: A book that was banned at some point.
Day 9: A book you previously abandoned.
Day 10: A book you own but have never read.
Day 11: A book that intimidates you.
Day 12: A book you've already read at least once.

Day 1: One Child by Mei Fong. I haven't read this but I read a review of it and it looks really interesting. It's about the effect the one child per family policy has had on modern Chinese culture. I think I'll keep an eye open for it in the library.

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