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I was challenged by the lovely ayalanetzer to list sexual metaphors so here are twenty of my favorites:

1. tongue lolloping
2. play spot the submarine
3. enjoying one another's company in ways displeasing to Saddleback (referring to gay dudes)
4. hide the sausage/salami/rainbow roll
5. make Sappho proud (referring to lesbians)
6. make the sign of the double-backed aardvark
7. gayer than Oscar Wilde's picnic basket
8. squeaky squeaky
9. licking like an ice cream
10. exploring eachother
11. creating joy
12. ---------and ----------- are naughty boys/girls/kids
13. pleasure him/herself
14. send waves of pleasure through their whole body
15. allowing pure bliss to wash over him/her
16. on fire
17. swallowing his/her hot wetness
18. nuzzling
19. send an atheist to heaven
20. hot wet kisses that last for days

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