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Today is a really good friend of mine's birthday and he and some other mutual friends are going to come over later today and party with me and my roomie. I can't wait. (Oddly, though, he was supposed to show up yesterday to drop off something and he never did.) I need to be with friends. I have been feeling really burned out lately and need to do something to cheer up.
Mini review of last night's House rerun: "Informed Consent:"   Wow, Joel Grey is a good actor. Kneesocks? What was up with House going on about kneesocks? I am definitely on the side of the right to die people. Lastly, I would not at all mind sharing House with Wilson or Cuddy but Barbie needs to fuck off. Now. And why would anyone do a calender of Fresno? I've been to Fresno and it is one butt-ugly city. There's nothing to do there either. I have kind of a reputation among my friends for slagging off LA a lot for being another ugly city (among other beefs) but i will give LA  credit for one thing, there's tons of stuff to do there. As long as you have money and a car you will not get bored. Fresno's a pit, though.
           Iatroeco-oxyglossophilia   Part 7
           "...that's the whole thing about blues and punk rock; they're both great music forms born out of anger."
           "Can I ask you something?"
           "Sure, Greg."
           "You're not just attracted to me because you feel sorry for me, so what exactly is it?"
           "I would never be attracted to a man out of pity. I made that mistake once a really long time ago, and, boy, did I ever live to regret it. I don't even want to get into that." I paused and sighed, looked down at the floor of my hospital room, then back up into his intense  ocean blue eyes.
           "I'm attracted to you because you're incredibly intelligent, you have an amazing wit and you don't take any crap off anybody. I admire your mind. Also...." I trailed off.
           He smiled. "Did I tell you to stop?"
           "There's something else but I feel really guilty about it."
           "Screw guilt. I'm too intrigued now. What is it?"
           "OK, I feel kind of hypocritical even mentioning this, but I think you're extremely good looking."
           "Oooooh, yeah, us skinny crippled slobs with overbites are H-O-T, hot, baby!!"
           "You can make all the self-deprecating cracks you want to--"
           "I believe I will."
           "--but it's not gonna change the way I feel."
           He looked a little uncomfortable at this, paused briefly and said in a much quieter tone of voice, "Thank you." He reached forward and tentatively squeezed my shoulder. "I gotta go back to work. I'll see you later."

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