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gotten from my sweetie Hughville

Read recently: Close Ups, a book about movie stars I got from Mad Monk, this awesome second hand bookstore in Berkeley. Huge book. Cost me only two dollars. I'm a big film geek and I'm enjoying it immensely. Second hand bookstores are one reason I love living in the bay area.

Something happy: I'm going to go hang out with my friends in Godless Perverts tonight. :)

What I did yesterday: Watched House and Rick and Morty. Drooled over Hugh Laurie's sexy nummy face and bod. Did not drool over Rick. Took roomie to cool little Greek restaurant for lunch. Had lamb kabob and rice. Went to the new and much bigger Safeway with roomie. Bought a fuckton of groceries. Had some major hassles due to their weird rules about coupons and checks. Was very proud of myself for not losing my shit over this. Carried back groceries with lots of help from roomie. Looked at pretty gardens in people's front yards on the way over and back. Went to boring diet class. Annoyed at having gained one pound in five days. Damn near fell asleep in diet class. Went home. Had turkey sandwich for dinner. Had glass of wine. Watched more Rick and Morty.

A picture I've taken or three words to describe today: I don't have a camera so it'll have to be three words. Godless Perverts rocks.

Some thoughts/words about anything: I'm sick of constant nuisance phone calls just because I'm registered to vote. The people calling me are mostly morons and/or rude. This last one sounded like a total fucking dummy AND like she had a mouth full of marshmallows. I feel like I'm being punished for having a sense of civic duty.

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    Been watching lots of Father Ted, that show is so funny! FECK!

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    It was locked again and then it was unlocked again. My mail wasn't missing so I think the mail people are just fuckups.

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    I stood right there and told the mail woman the mailboxes had been unlocked and the stupid idiot left them unlocked again. I told the lady at the…

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