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Beer Not God wasn't anywhere near as much fun as usual last night, I got stuck with talking to this one guy in the group who was acting really bizarrely and his girlfriend who made some really obnoxious comments and one guy who seemed cool but couldn't speak English. A bunch of the people I really like from that group didn't even show up and I was too far down the table to talk to a couple of other people I like.
The first thing this guy says to me is "What did you do with my girlfriend?" I hadn't even seen his girlfriend. Does he think that's funny?
Then later I was talking about how churches don't exactly make single women feel welcome and this guy's girlfriend says some nonsense about me supposedly being a threat to marriages. What? First off, I wouldn't have sex with a married guy (unless his name is Hugh Laurie) and second, men don't like me in that way because I'm not pretty. If there's one thing straight men have in common whether they're atheists or religious, it's getting all fucking judgey about what women look like. They just manifest it differently. For example, there's a sect of Hinduism that believes if a woman doesn't look good it's because she did something really bad in a past life and the gods are punishing her. Then she goes off on this weird tangent about how I should be able to get a boyfriend because I have a computer. As if that made me better looking. I told her about the times I made the mistake of trying online dating and the same thing always happened, the guy would practically beg me to go out with him until he saw me. Then he wouldn't even talk to me.
The last time I was around this guy was at the Tilden Park picnic a few weeks ago. He kept calling me "Kate". My name is Katie. He started bringing that up again. Apparently he thinks it shouldn't matter to me. It's my name and it matters.
Then she wants to know if I'm "retired". I go no, I'm on disability and it's embarrassing. That's one thing that's bothered me about American culture. You are your job. It makes me feel useless.

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    Got some more Monty Python DVD stuff in the mail from Netflix this morning, I'm really looking forward to watching it later!

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    Getting ready to watch another live Rifftrax in about an hour!

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    Tried a caipirinha for the first time today, it was super yummy!

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