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Had an interesting past three days. Halloween was so fun, I won the trivia game at MST night, got a free movie pass and a gummy pizza (which roomie got because he loves gummy candy and I shouldn't eat that much candy if I'm on a diet). I did have some Halloween candy but didn't gain any weight from it. Yay! Went and played Cards Against Humanity day before yesterday with some of my friends at Godless Perverts, and that was a lot of fun too. Took a long walk around the lake yesterday. Somebody took a big fucking piece of purple chalk and drew a giant Rick (from Rick and Morty) head on the pavement by the lake saying "I want to go home". Voted. Forced to throw my butter knife in the trash by the courthouse security guard. I had it with me in the first place because I brought my lunch with me which was a salad with half an avocado. Found a cool cafe in a neighborhood of Oakland I wasn't familiar with. Then last night I saw the new Beatles movie, it was awesome as hell, had a nice dinner with it. :)

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