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I had so much fun yesterday! I feel really relaxed right now. I went to the darwin party and saw a bunch of my friends, including some I really love who I haven't seen in ages, and the party was great. My cake went over well (i know not everybody likes coconut or marzipan but i love them) and the conversation and lectures and games were so interesting and fun! Afterwards I hung out with my best friend and another friend of mine who wanted to go to Chinatown so we went over there and my friends went to the knickknack stores and bought chopsticks and embroidered purses and stuff and then we went over to this one humongous restaurant where they were having some sort of party honoring all these older Chinese guys who looked like businessmen. They did not kick us out but they asked us to go upstairs to eat and we were all like, "sure" because we were hungry and it was raining very hard so we didn't want to go look for some other place. they took good care of us, we had these huge plates of noodles and spring rolls and it was not super expensive either. Then we went back to my place and we watched a few eps of ABOFAL. a very fun, relaxing day all around and I slept like a rock last night which makes a nice damn change. :)

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