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I forgot to mention yesterday that I had a really annoying encounter with a rude old lady on the bus while on my way to my friend's house. First, she apparently had no clue that you're not supposed to bother people with headphones on. Then the old bat wants to know how much my ipod cost. it's bloody rude to ask people how much things cost unless someone's trying to sell them, doesn't everyone know that? Then she wants to know how much I paid for the cake I was carrying in a tupperware thing. I told her I didn't buy it, I made it. I don't even want to know why she just automatically assumed I can't make cake, I happen to be an excellent baker and I'm proud of it. Then she asks me who I'm giving the cake to, am I giving it to somebody at the senior center? (I should mention that the bus was going AWAY FROM the senior center at the time so in addition to her being a nosey old bag that question made no fucking sense.) So I go, no, I'm giving it to my friend. Then she gets off at the same stop as me, I suppose I should consider myself lucky she didn't follow me down the street and try to grab the damn cake or who the hell knows what.

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