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just got up and had a shower, not quite awake yet. several of the fic writers here have made an offer I find intriguing so I will do it myself. pick one of my fics and I will do a DVD second audio-type commentary on it. here's a list:

"Iatroeco-oxyglossophilia" My first House fanfic. Lotsa refs and very self-inserty but I think it's good.
"Imaginary Lover" My House entry in MMOM
"Slippery Fingers" My Jeeves and Wooster entry in MMOM
"Impunity" Post-ep to "Wilson's Heart". Easily the angstiest thing in this list.
"Iggy Pop Go The Zombies" Horror/humor, House cast in "Shaun of the Dead" essentially.
"If Looks Could Kill" More post-"Wilson's Heart" stuff, not quite as angsty as "Impunity", more hurt/comfort.
"Infarction-tastic! the House musical" Yes. I wrote a House musical. I'm fucking nuts.
"I'm Dreaming of a White Chocolate Christmas" Scene that should have been in "It's a Wonderful Lie", just House and Wilson being amusingly bitchy with eachother.
"I Know This Much Is True" better known as the orgy fic.
"Imps" my House Halloween fic. mostly shits and giggles but something rather nasty does happen to Chase.
"Jeeves and the Very Happy Ending" Jeeves and Bertie/ Dr. Who crossover with Obama's election as a plot device.
"Immersion" House's thoughts while on vacation.
"Is House a Louse?" Dr. Seuss parody.
"I'm Only Sad In A Natural Way" House mood piece inspired by karaokegal's lyric prompt.
"Infinitesimal" the return of dwarf mom!!
"I Am Not The Walrus" some of the House characters' reaction to furries. humor.

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