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Did not get enough sleep last night so I'm not in the best mood right now. Had a great time last night though, went to a birthday party for a really good friend and had a lot of fun. Neurotika did the 5 things association meme so here goes:

1. Baking. I love to bake. I made a devil's food cake from scratch that i took to my friend's party yesterday, and i often bring cakes, pies, cookies or brownies to my friends' parties. I've also worked in a couple of bakeries professionally. Not to sound egotistical but most people really like my baked goods a lot.

2. MST3K. I love this show. I would check out rifftrax except you have to buy them instead of renting them and I don't have one of those double DVD players, I just have a regular DVD player/VCR. I miss MST3K, I have all the Joel eps and the movie and I sometimes rent the Mike eps. I wish they were still doing new eps. I admit to cracking MST-type jokes when I watch TV at home (my roomie usually finds them amusing).

3. Music. where do I start? I love lots of different kinds of music as anyone who's read enough of my LJ knows, I like everything from Mozart to the Ramones. I actually feel sorry for people who only like one kind of music because they're shutting themselves out of some amazing experiences. I can really lose myself on a piece of music emotionally (one reason i relate to House) and a very effective way for somebody I don't know to annoy the hell out of me is to start bothering me on the sidewalk when i have my headphones on (if you're my friend I'll turn off the tunes but if you're a stranger who's going to shove some religious pamphlet in my face I will be highly tempted to knock your ass down). And I HAVE to have my music if I'm on a bus. last night the batteries pooped out during my favorite song on that particular CD (I can't afford an ipod) and I was so pissed.

4. Fanfic. Love to write it, love to read it if it's good (and it's about a show I like). i can't help but be impressed with most of the House fics I've read in this group. I think a lot of them should be writing for the show instead of the writers for season 4 and 5, which aren't as good as seasons 1,2 and 3 IMHO. Hugh is always splendid but I want the noob duckies to go the fuck away. But I digress. Most of the fanfics in this group are great, and what i find especially fun is how everybody's got a different take on these characters we all know and their relationships, everyone's got their different styles of writing and they're all interesting points of view. Someone described a lot of my fics as very IC but it's as if I took the characters out of the show they're in and put them in a comedy instead (which would probably annoy the fuck out of David Shore, haha)

5. British comedy. Everybody knows I love Hugh. Stephen is great too. I have already gone on at length about how much I love Jeeves and Wooster and ABOFAL, I think they are two of the funniest shows ever made so I will list some other Brit comedy shows i love:

Monty Python
Fawlty Towers
the Young Ones
Filthy Rich and catflap
Mr. Bean
the Office
Whose line?
Ab Fab
Red Dwarf

and I'm not even British, I'm American! (and whatever happened to the Spitting Image puppets, they were hilarious! Are they still on TV in England?)

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