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"I've been working with him for years; he's not racist, he's just a jackass." Foreman was getting a headache.
"Yeah, there are far more legitimate reasons for me not to like you, for starters, you're an idiot."
"Shut up, House. I just paid for the gas and the food. Let's get back in the car before you insult the entire filling station staff."

back in the van:
Cameron blushed. "You mean everybody on this trip has slept with House except me and Chase?"
Cuddy looked slightly embarrassed and Wilson and CF grinned and did fist bumps. "You didn't tell me this the whole time we were in San Francisco and you were going to let me go on not knowing this for how long?"
Chase's tone of voice was in full attempting-to-soothe mode. "Allison, it's not that big of a deal. You've been having fun so far, you told me you loved those places CF showed you and we're almost in Vegas--"
Just then Foreman and House got back in the car so Foreman only heard this last part of what was being said. "Yeah, I've been here before just with House and it's impossible to not have fun in Vegas even if you're with him." House's only response to this was a mock offended doggie eyes look and then he took a large bite out of a strawberry-frosted donut he'd gotten out of the bag in his arms.
Cameron gave House the stink eye. "Oh, I am so over you," she grumbled as Foreman started the ignition.
House flung an arm melodramatically over his face while throwing his head back. "Oh no! Life isn't worth living except for my satisfying career and great sex life!"
"And your ability to spray pink donut shrapnel all over the van," added Wilson.
"Quiet, you, or I'll tell everybody about what happened when we went to the Castro."
"Oh, shit, House, no!"
"Awwwwwwwwwwww, did big bad Greg get poor little Jimmy all drunk and force him to have fun? Shame, shame!"
Cuddy said quietly, "This is turning out to be the strangest trip I've ever been on."
CF smiled at her. "Just wait."

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    I hope J's OK, he's gone another week without calling me.

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