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Apparently nobody at Safeway wanted to come in to work today. I was looking for a specific kind of meat and both people I talked to in the meat dept claimed to have no idea what I was talking about. Also, one of them did that thing where they cop an attitude with me because I don't have a cell phone. I went to the deli section and the woman who worked there wouldn't make me a damn sandwich. She was having some sort of an issue with the fact that I wanted a cold sandwich (I explained to her that it was unnecessary to heat up a sandwich I wasn't going to eat till tomorrow), at least that's what I think she was getting at. Her English was not good. I could barely understand her. Then the checkout woman had this HUGE I don't give a fuck about anything attitude and kept shoving the receipt at me while both my hands were full trying to bag my own groceries because she wouldn't do it. Does she see a third arm or something? Fuck. They're usually not this bad.

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