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Several things I wrote in TV Tropes have been edited out so I'm going to post them here where they can't be censored.

Galaxy Quest: Fake Nationality: Tony Shaloub's character has a Chinese last name despite the fact that he obviously isn't Chinese, I think this is a nod to the fact that the Chinese-surnamed Dr. Soong was played by the clearly not Asian Brent Spiner.

Zombie Nightmare: Complete Monster: Jim, the psycho Farrah Fawcett-haired guy, probably qualifies. He kills a guy and says he enjoyed it, two of his friends get killed by the zombie and he doesn't even pretend to care, he sexually harrasses every woman he sees, he wants to have sex with his sister and he attempts to rape a woman. I WANTED to see the zombie get him!

Body Horror: Rick and Morty. Two words--Cronenburg World.

Unfortunate Implications: Comic Books, Josie and the Pussycats of all things(!) Melody is attracted to this boy who is obsessed about geraniums. He isn't the least bit interested in her because she can't grow good geraniums. She says, "What good is all this?" referring to her own appearance. Valerie says, "Want to trade?" I don't think the comic book writers intended this but it comes across as if Valerie were saying she wants to be white!

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