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Last night at my diet class my nutritionist just keeled right over. This other lady in the class and I went to go get help, thinking it would be easy because we were in a medical facility. Well, this bitchy nurse I found refused to do anything, thank fuck the other lady had better luck than I did and the paramedics came a few minutes later. I at least was able to help show them which room she was in. (I'm also kind of surprised at how calm I was. A lot of other people, including the lady who went with me, were really panicky.) After the paramedics started taking care of the nutritionist, I left so as to not be in the way. On my way out with one other person in the class, some random person starts telling us we should pray and I went "Uh, I don't do that" and then muttered under my breath "great, I think I just outed myself as an atheist" to the guy from the weight class who was walking next to me. I should probably mention that I don't know this guy. I just don't lie well, especially if something gets thrown at me that I wasn't expecting. He kind of reacted like he didn't quite know how to take this.

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    Spent most of today watching MST3K and CSI New York and listening to music and reading.

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    I tried out a streaming service last night that didn't work at all well, I watched one show on it that cut out at the last fifteen minutes or so and…

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    Just finished watching Mulholland Drive. David Lynch is so weird.

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