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I had so much fun at Rocky Horror!!
Really tired now as I have spent a good part of today hauling groceries around. Last night due to the road being closed off by a crime investigation I had to wait for over an hour and fifteen minutes and when the bus finally showed up I go "I've been waiting for over an hour and fifteen minutes" and the stupid idiot bus driver goes "What were you waiting for?" THE BUS YOU FUCKING MORON!! She looked exactly like this totally stupid bagger that "works" at this discount grocery store I go to a lot and I got stuck with her when I was shopping today so I go do you have a relative who works for the bus company and it turns out that was her sister! Then she doesn't bother bagging half the groceries I just bought, just dumps them in the cart, and I'm all excuse me, I need you to bag those, I have to walk home with them because I don't have a car, that's why I have to take the bus. Fuck me, it's a whole family of idiots.

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